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Officio has, over all these years, worked a lot in the field of Architecture. Even a specialized magazine, the Revista Área, dedicated to Architecture and Design in Southern Brazil, is designed by Officio.


Casa 01

House 01

CASA 01 is the result of an unprecedented project in terms of sustainability. Located in the southern region of Santa Catarina, the building was designed to be a reference, a feasible example to be followed by professionals interested in contributing to the multiplication of sustainable constructions. Santa Editora was in charge of the edition and Officio was responsible for the graphic design and layout.


Anuário VEKA

VEKA Yearbook

The Latin American subsidiary of VEKA, the world's leading company in PVC profiles for the production of doors and windows, has launched five editions of its architectural projects yearbook, all of them are bilingual. Graphically designed by Officio, the edition is by Santa Editora.



Área - Arquitetura e Design do Sul do Brasil

Área - Magazine of Architecture and Design of South Brazil

In its five first editions, Área Magazine was written, edited and diagrammed at Officio's office. Currently, Officio continues responsible for the graphic design and the writing and editing are in charge of Santa Editora.



Área Apresenta

Área presents

Also edited by Santa Editora, Officio takes care of the graphic design of Área Presents, a magazine that fully dedicates each of its editions to a major architectural project.




Logo for the Architecture office in Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

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