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If you have a good story to tell, Officio writes it. If you've already written, Officio edits your book. If your material is considered edited, Officio provides the conception of your work, by performing graphic design and layout. With more than 500 designed, edited and even written books, Officio has experience in a wide range of themes. Check out some examples.


O tempo em imagens:
os cem anos do Figueirense

Time in images: one hundred years of Figueirense

The traditional soccer club of Florianópolis, Figueirense F.C., to commemorate its century of existence, commissioned photographer Cristiano Andujar to organize the book on the history of the association. Officio, through its label Massiambooks, wrote, edited and diagrammed the work.


Amazônia: os geoglifos e a Civilização Aquiry

Amazon: the geoglyphs and the Aquiry Civilization

Professors Alceu Ranzi, from the Federal University of Acre and and Martti Pärssinen, from the University of Helsinki, prepared this illustrated catalog about geoglyphs, huge earth structures, spread across the Amazon. The authors suggest that such monuments were built by an ancient civilization that inhabited the North of Brazil.


Manoel Zaroni Torres:
focus on people, eyes
in the future

The story of the executive who presided for 17 years at Tractebel Energia – currently Engie Brasil –, the largest private producer of electricity in the country. Work written by Duda Hamilton and Nubia Silveira, from DFato Comunicação.



Fotografia Esportiva:
relatos, experiências e dicas de grandes coberturas esportivas

Sports Photography: reports, experiences and tips on major sports coverage

Sports photographer Cristiano Schmidt Andujar reveals in this book the secrets of his success, technical details and useful tips for both novice and professional photographers. Officio was in charge of the graphic design.


Rumo ao futuro:
Serra Catarinense

Towards the future: the
Santa Catarina Mountains

The mountainous region of Santa Catarina – its natural beauty and its economic potential – described by the exquisite images of the experienced photographer Carlos Mafalda. A book released by Editora Unisul and graphically designed by Officio.



Santa Catarina:
um século de futebol

Santa Catarina:
a century of soccer

Championships, unforgettable games, scores, famous stars, exotic fans and important officials are the characters in the stories that make up this book by journalist and sports researcher Maury Borges.



Casa 01

House 01

CASA 01 is the result of an unprecedented project in terms of sustainability. Located in the southern region of Santa Catarina, the building was designed to be a reference, a feasible example to be followed by professionals interested in contributing to the multiplication of sustainable constructions. Santa Editora was in charge of the edition and Officio was responsible for the graphic design and layout.


Jorge Lacerda Thermoelectric Complex:
50 years generating energy and development

The history of the Thermoelectric Plant in the South of Santa Catarina, told through a large and illustrated timeline, composes this book edited by DFato and graphically conceived by Officio.



Ofidismo em
Santa Catarina

Ophidism in Santa Catarina

In order to reduce the number of accidents involving venomous snakes and humans/domestic animals, professionals from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) created an PDF ebook that was edited and graphically designed by Officio.



Edith Gama Ramos:
uma grande mulher

Edith Gama Ramos:
a great woman

Edith Gama Ramos' daughter invited her granddaughter and together they gathered images and stories about this woman who was one of the most important and impressive people in the history of Santa Catarina. Officio received the material, edited and graphically designed the book.



Hospital Infantil
Joana de Gusmão: Pediatria - Orientação diagnóstica e terapêutica

In 1400 pages, the impressive physician Murillo Capella and colleagues put together all the routine HIJG procedures. Book edited by Editora Unisul and visually designed by Officio.


Pacientes inesquecíveis

Unforgettable patients

Stories full of emotion, in which Dr. Murillo Capella demonstrates that the doctor/patient relationship can be much greater than the merely professional. There are dozens of cases in this book that combine the joy of the healer with the gratitude of the healed. Book visually designed by Officio.



Manual de rotinas ambulatoriais e hospitalares de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia

Outpatient and hospital routines manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Released by Editora Unisul and visually programmed by Officio, this book works as a guide for the operation of Gynecology and Obstetrics clinics.


Officio writes, edits and graphically designs magazines, according to the client's needs. Magazines from various areas, from architecture to sports, have already been on Officio's tables. See some examples.

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Anuário VEKA

VEKA Yearbook

The Latin American subsidiary of VEKA, the world's leading company in PVC profiles for the production of doors and windows, has launched five editions of its architectural projects yearbook, all of them are bilingual. Graphically designed by Officio, the edition is by Santa Editora.


Eficiência & Inovação

Efficiency & Innovation

Celesc (Central Elétricas de Santa Catarina) periodically discloses the results of the work of its Research and Development sector, bringing together the innovations created in the Eficiência & Inovação magazine. The last edition was edited and graphically designed by Officio, which also adapted the technical texts for popular dissemination.


Área - Arquitetura e Design do Sul do Brasil

Área - Magazine of Architecture and Design of South Brazil

In its five first editions, Área Magazine was written, edited and diagrammed at Officio's office. Currently, Officio continues responsible for the graphic design and the writing and editing are in charge of Santa Editora.



Área Apresenta

Área presents

Also edited by Santa Editora, Officio takes care of the graphic design of Área Presents, a magazine that fully dedicates each of its editions to a major architectural project.


SurfGuia Brasil

Surf Guide Brazil

Officio has launched several editions of Surf Guia Brasil, a guide for beaches and surf conditions on the Brazilian coast. The first edition was restricted to the state of Santa Catarina. The following successively covered the South of Brazil and the South and Southeast. Another version was also produced in​​ Portuguese, English and Spanish and the edition that will document all surf beaches in Brazil is in the plans.


Cadernos de Naturologia e Terapias Complementares

Journal of Naturology and Complementary Therapies

Edited by Editora Unisul and graphically designed by Officio, the Journal publishes scientific research in these areas every six months.


A Serrana

A Magazine circulating in the countryside of the State of Santa Catarina, edited by 4you Comunicação, was remodeled for its seventh edition by Officio. The new graphic project sought to reorganize the content and clarify the separation between the commercial and editorial sectors.


In the 1990s, Officio produced hundreds of newsletters in different formats, many of them periodicals. With the emergence of the internet, there was a migration of this type of media to the network – which Officio has been following and implementing for some customers. The transformation was not complete because, for some of Officio's clients, printed newsletters and reports still show good results.

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Newsletters for regions where there are large electric energy projects

ETS – Energy, Transport and Sanitation, a consulting company that works for large energy generation and transmission facilities, almost always located in areas far from urban centers, uses printed newsletter to inform the population about the projects. Officio designs them.


Informativo da Associação Catarinense de Professores (ACP)

Newsletter of the Teachers Association of Santa Catarina

With tens of thousands of members, many of them retired, ACP uses a periodic printed newsletter to inform them about the Association's actions and what is happening in the Education sector. The design is in charge of Officio.


Informativo da Credelesc

Credelesc Newsletter

Credelesc is a credit cooperative operating in Santa Catarina. To communicate results to its members, many of them living in the countryside of the State, the institution uses a periodical printed newsletter edited by M.Bertelli Comunicação and graphically designed by Officio.



Informe jurídico

Juridical report

Santa Editora produces for its client Sotto Maior & Nagel Advogados Associados an electronic newsletter on specific topics. Officio takes care of the design of the document.



Costão Golf News

Costão do Santinho Resort needed a printed newsletter to disseminate news about the practice of Golf in its facilities. First Via Integrated Communication asked Officio for the graphic design of the document and the layout of the first edition.


Colégio da Lagoa:
20 anos

Lagoa School: 20 years

One of the best schools in Florianópolis published a newsletter to comemorate the 20 years of its foundation. The publication was written, edited and designed by Officio.


Officio produces many annual reports, environmental reports, accounting and social balance sheets, portfolios and other documents for public and private institutions and companies, especially in the energy sector.

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State of Santa Catarina Annual Report

In 2012, the Santa Catarina Finance Department called Officio for a consultation. The accountants sought to improve the look of the state's general report that, until then, it was produced in house with text editors. From this first meeting, an editorial line was drawn and the document, year after year, became more and more complete and complex. Officio conceived it visually for another five years.


In the wings of the future:
a portfolio

A client of Officio for quite some years, Sociambiental Consultores Associados, a company that provides consultancy to large companies and enterprises, produced its portfolio with Officio, which took care of the document's look.


Annual balance
sheets and reports

Tens of tabloid newspaper pages, filled with text, graphics and many tables, all with the minimum font size. Officio produces balance sheets and reports for dissemination in newspapers, such as this one, by Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina. It is a complex work, in which there can be no errors.


Passo Fundo Hydroelectric Power Plant: Annual Report

The results of the Passo Fundo Plant compiled in this document written by Engie/Tractebel, Owner of the facility, were designed by Officio.


Social and environmental reports for Eletrosul and its subsidiaries

Different subsidiaries of Eletrosul Centrais Elétricas S.A. have already used Officio's services for the design of their socio-environmental reports.


Massiambooks, Officio's label dedicated to important books, was born in 2021. If you have a story to tell and you think it can be interesting for many people, talk to Massiambooks. Maybe your story turns into a book and becomes eternal.
Below are some of the books that Massiambooks has ready, waiting for sponsorship or some other detail that, after been solved, will allow these works to be reachable by the readers.



Amazônia: geoglifos e caminhos pré-históricos

Amazon: geoglyphs and prehistoric paths

Professors Alceu Ranzi, from the Federal University of Acre, and Martti Pärssinen, from the University of Helsinki, prepared this illustrated catalog on geoglyphs, huge prehistoric structures in low and high relief, spreaded across the Amazon. The main objective is to discover who and for what reason, built these monuments.


Acre visto e revisto

Acre seen and reviewed

Acre and its short – but intense – history, its very rich prehistory yet to be unveiled and a population of migrants, who turned the State into a cultural melting pot, is fascinating. All these aspects, with special attention to environmental issues, prehistory and history, are addressed by paleontologist Alceu Ranzi and botanist Evandro Ferreira, in this book that tries to explain that northern frontier.



Histórias do fim da ilha

The end of island stories

Eduardo Luiz de Faria heard impressive things in the extreme south of the island of Santa Catarina, a region that until the end of the 1960s, remained isolated from the rest of the municipality of Florianópolis. It is these almost true stories that are gathered, tales of the settlers from the interior of the Island of Santa Catarina, things that no one imagines that happened and that, certainly, will never occur again. Release scheduled for 2021.

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