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Officio produces many annual reports, environmental reports, accounting and social balance sheets, portfolios and other documents for public and private institutions and companies, especially in the energy sector.


State of Santa Catarina Annual Report

In 2012, the Santa Catarina Finance Department called Officio for a consultation. The accountants sought to improve the look of the state's general report that, until then, it was produced in house with text editors. From this first meeting, an editorial line was drawn and the document, year after year, became more and more complete and complex. Officio conceived it visually for another five years.


In the wings of the future:
a portfolio

A client of Officio for quite some years, Sociambiental Consultores Associados, a company that provides consultancy to large companies and enterprises, produced its portfolio with Officio, which took care of the document's look.


Annual balance
sheets and reports

Tens of tabloid newspaper pages, filled with text, graphics and many tables, all with the minimum font size. Officio produces balance sheets and reports for dissemination in newspapers, such as this one, by Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina. It is a complex work, in which there can be no errors.


Passo Fundo Hydroelectric Power Plant: Annual Report

The results of the Passo Fundo Plant compiled in this document written by Engie/Tractebel, Owner of the facility, were designed by Officio.


Social and environmental reports for Eletrosul and its subsidiaries

Different subsidiaries of Eletrosul Centrais Elétricas S.A. have already used Officio's services for the design of their socio-environmental reports.

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