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The Energy sector is perhaps the one in which Officio is most active. Many private and state-owned companies have already used the most diverse of Officio's services. Here, below are some experiences.


Manoel Zaroni Torres:
focus on people, eyes
in the future

The story of the executive who presided for 17 years at Tractebel Energia – currently Engie Brasil –, the largest private producer of electricity in the country. Work written by Duda Hamilton and Nubia Silveira, from DFato Comunicação.


Jorge Lacerda Thermoelectric Complex:
50 years generating energy and development

The history of the Thermoelectric Plant in the South of Santa Catarina, told through a large and illustrated timeline, composes this book edited by DFato and graphically conceived by Officio.


Efficiency & Innovation

Celesc (Central Elétricas de Santa Catarina) periodically discloses the results of the work of its Research and Development sector, bringing together the innovations created in the Eficiência & Inovação magazine. The last edition was edited and graphically designed by Officio, which also adapted the technical texts for popular dissemination.


Newsletters for regions where there are large electric energy projects

ETS – Energy, Transport and Sanitation, a consulting company that works for large energy generation and transmission facilities, almost always located in areas far from urban centers, uses printed newsletter to inform the population about the projects. Officio designs them .



Annual balance
sheets and reports

Tens of tabloid newspaper pages, filled with text, graphics and many tables, all with the minimum font size. Officio produces balance sheets and reports for dissemination in newspapers, such as this one, by Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina. It is a complex work, in which there can be no errors.



Passo Fundo Hydroelectric Power Plant: Annual Report

The results of the Passo Fundo Plant compiled in this document written by Engie/Tractebel, Owner of the facility, were designed by Officio.


Social and environmental reports for Eletrosul and its subsidiaries

Different subsidiaries of Eletrosul Centrais Elétricas S.A. have already used Officio's services for the design of their socio-environmental reports.



Call Center Panel

The corridor that leads to the new Call Center of Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina (Celesc) received the installation of a panel containing the history of data processing in the company. Almost five meters long and two meters high, the panel was designed by Officio.









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