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Massiambooks, Officio's label dedicated to important books, was born in 2021. If you have a story to tell and you think it can be interesting for many people, talk to Massiambooks. Maybe your story turns into a book and becomes eternal.
Below are some of the books that Massiambooks has ready, waiting for sponsorship or some other detail that, after been solved, will allow these works to be reachable by the readers.



Amazônia: geoglifos e caminhos pré-históricos

Amazon: geoglyphs and prehistoric paths

Professors Alceu Ranzi, from the Federal University of Acre, and Martti Pärssinen, from the University of Helsinki, prepared this illustrated catalog on geoglyphs, huge prehistoric structures in low and high relief, spreaded across the Amazon. The main objective is to discover who and for what reason, built these monuments.


Acre visto e revisto

Acre seen and reviewed

Acre and its short – but intense – history, its very rich prehistory yet to be unveiled and a population of migrants who turned the State into a cultural melting pot, is fascinating. All these aspects, with special attention to environmental issues, prehistory and history, are addressed by paleontologist Alceu Ranzi and botanist Evandro Ferreira, in this book that tries to explain that northern frontier.



Histórias do fim da ilha

The end of island stories

Eduardo Luiz de Faria heard impressive things in the extreme south of the island of Santa Catarina, a region that until the end of the 1960s, remained isolated from the rest of the municipality of Florianópolis. It is these almost true stories that are gathered, tales of the settlers from the interior of the Island of Santa Catarina, things that no one imagines that happened and that, certainly, will never occur again. Release scheduled for 2021.

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