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In the 1990s, Officio produced hundreds of newsletters in different formats, many of them periodicals. With the emergence of the internet, there was a migration of this type of media to the network – which Officio has been following and implementing for some customers. The transformation was not complete because, for some of Officio's clients, printed newsletters and reports still show good results.


Newsletters for regions where there are large electric energy projects

ETS – Energy, Transport and Sanitation, a consulting company that works for large energy generation and transmission facilities, almost always located in areas far from urban centers, uses printed newsletter to inform the population about the projects. Officio designs them.


Informativo da Associação Catarinense de Professores (ACP)

Newsletter of the Teachers Association of Santa Catarina

With tens of thousands of members, many of them retired, ACP uses a periodic printed newsletter to inform them about the Association's actions and what is happening in the Education sector. The design is in charge of Officio.


Informativo da Credelesc

Credelesc Newsletter

Credelesc is a credit cooperative operating in Santa Catarina. To communicate results to its members, many of them living in the countryside of the State, the institution uses a periodical printed newsletter edited by M.Bertelli Comunicação and graphically designed by Officio.



Informe jurídico

Juridical report

Santa Editora produces for its client Sotto Maior & Nagel Advogados Associados an electronic newsletter on specific topics. Officio takes care of the design of the document.



Costão Golf News

Costão do Santinho Resort needed a printed newsletter to disseminate news about the practice of Golf in its facilities. First Via Integrated Communication asked Officio for the graphic design of the document and the layout of the first edition.


Colégio da Lagoa:
20 anos

Lagoa School: 20 years

One of the best schools in Florianópolis published a newsletter to comemorate the 20 years of its foundation. The publication was written, edited and designed by Officio.

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