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Own publications.

Area - Magazine of Architecture and Design, and Surf Guide Brazil are magazines that Officio, with partners, sporadically edits.


Área - Arquitetura e Design do Sul do Brasil

Área - Magazine of Architecture and Design
of South Brazil.

In its five first editions, Área Magazine was written, edited and diagrammed at Officio's office. Currently, Officio continues responsible for the graphic design and the writing and editing are in charge of Santa Editora.



SurfGuia Brasil

Surf Guide Brazil

Officio has launched several editions of Surf Guia Brasil, a guide for beaches and surf conditions on the Brazilian coast. The first edition was restricted to the state of Santa Catarina. The following successively covered the South of Brazil and the South and Southeast. Another version was also produced in Portuguese, English and Spanish and the edition that will document all surf beaches in Brazil is in the plans

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